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Lynette ElindaMy name is Lynette Elinda, I am an Intuitive life coach and Spiritual guide.

It is my privilege to work with people of all walks of life, from all over the world.

I have heightened intuitive sensitivities, which although not often developed, are innately within us all.

I am an Adept Empath as well as being a Clairvoyant, a Channel and a Medium. I became aware of these gifts when I was a small child.

At this time on earth we are seeing and experiencing unprecedented levels of collapse in all of our systems, both externally and internally. My innate awakened gifts allow me to see each person like a road map. I have come to know and understand, it is my calling to serve and support any who are willing and ready to awaken to Our Truth and their own innate gifts.

At different times in our lives we find ourselves in states of crisis, shock, stuck, confused and often unable to move forward to viable and sustainable solutions and change. If you feel that you are in such a place it would be my honour to work with you. I have developed tools which have proven consistently to create desirable and sustainable change.

Please feel free to listen to the podcasts on this site for a deeper understanding of my work and what I offer.

Kindest regards,
Lynette Elinda


An audio journey by Lynette Elinda

mathamagical - an audio journey by Lynette Elinda


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It was started with my friend gifting me a session with Lynette. And after the session, I was mind blown. It felt like she knew me better than I had known myself. I had made a list of things I thought I needed coaching in and within couple of sessions I was amazed by the things I was discovering around myself and needless to say, the list had gone out of the window.

I have grown so much in the last two years and I can’t be thankful enough. If I had to describe sessions with Lynette in one word, it would be “Radical”. Her approach is so unique and transforming. I am able to tap into my power, greatness and love. You are a force and thank you for all you do.

– RB

The work I have done with Lynette has brought me in touch with my feelings and deeper self. I have grown as a person and all relationships in my life, both personally and professionally, have improved and deepened. I am now a grounded, fearless person, thanks to Lynette’s insights and guidance.

– HB

Lynette has been such an incredible source of wisdom and guidance for me through some very challenging times. Her ‘tips and tools’ and ‘love list’ have been key to getting me out of fear based thoughts and into a place of deep appreciation and faith. Thank you Lynette!

– JP

I have made more progress in the past few short months with Lynette, than I have in the past decade of “traditional” counselling & therapy. She has compassionately guided me to profound insights into my limiting beliefs and habits, and provided tools for breaking unhealthy cycles. I have gained interpersonal strategies and skills, which have made my relationships stronger, easier, and more authentic. Most importantly, Lynette has shown me the value of self-compassion and helped me to develop a practice of self-care and appreciation. Now, for the first time, I have a real sense of hope for the possibility of truly, deeply loving myself. I know I am getting closer to freeing my true self.

– JS

Lynette came into my life during a very challenging transitional period in my life.  Lynette’s Tips and Tools have been instrumental in helping me gracefully manage this transition, make the most of life during the transition, and to consciously create the life that I wish to transition to.  As Lynette and her Tips and Tools have guided me through this process, I’ve been inspired in countless ways. I’ve been given the strength, wisdom, and know-how to more smartly manage my emotions, master my emotions, and to use my emotions as a potent guidance tool.  I’ve learned how to draw deeper upon Divine wisdom, to see clearer, and to live a more connected, grounded, balanced, intuitive life; in the process shifting my perspective, my outlook, and my mindset in powerful ways.  I am so very grateful for the wisdom of Lynette and her teachings.

– AR

Working with Lynette was like being given a pair of glasses that help you see your whole life in high definition.

– MW

Lynette helped me get back to the magic. When I was younger I could see the magic and interconnectedness of everything but over the years with responsibilities and day to day life, I forgot. I forgot who I was and Lynette helped me remember. She helped me remember who I truly am and the power over my own life that I have. As she says, “no one is coming to save you”, but that’s ok because she helped me to remember that I am here to save myself.

– SC

Lynette Elinda is a truth teller. She carries with her knowledge that we all have within, but have forgotten. There are times in your life where you will need guidance and having access to Lynette’s wisdom will be a life saver.  She will help you remember the guidance tools that you have forgotten along the way. She will help you to reclaim who you really are. She will help you to never give up.  So that you remember. You are divine. And your perfect life is there. Waiting for you to claim it.

– SS

I can honestly say Lynette has completely transformed my life. As someone who has been in countless therapy sessions over the past decade, Lynette enlightened me with a greater awareness of self in one session, than all my previous therapy sessions had, combined. I highly recommend working with her, and have the greatest respect for the work that she does. I cannot thank Lynette enough for how she has helped me find the strength within myself I did not know was possible, and how she has helped me realize just how fun and delicious life can be.

– NA

Buckle up, keep your eyes on the road and open your heart. Lynette is going to shift your life into light speed. She comes at you with everything she’s got and yet can stop in an instant to let the power of the moment reach deep into your soul. This is not for everyone. You must be ready to do the work and open your heart to more of life’s blessings. If you decide to step up and do what needs to be done, you have my unwavering respect. God’s Speed.

– GW

In our lifetime we are moulded and directed by people and experiences, some positive; and some create.. “baggage.” 4 years ago I was in a critical time of my life due to unbearable circumstances, not of my doing. I was searching out someone with great insight and support to mentor me though all of this, someone who would commit to my healing and teaching me how to improve my life in every way. Lynette is that gifted person, she is my mentor and she has given me the tools to release the past and create my positive life with positive outcomes.  I assure you I would not be here today if not for Lynette’s guidance and commitment to my life being whole again. I recommend her services to anyone who wants to truly transform their life, to live it to the fullest measure of your expectation and beyond.

– LW

Let me see if I can come up with words to describe how Lynette has changed my life; I think the best way to describe what she does is to say she is the best therapist you could go to and you don’t even have to say anything to describe your issues or thoughts. Her ability to crack into your mind and thoughts is amazing and incredibly helpful in getting to the root of the changes you really want to make in your life and may not have even known! Her insight I hold closely on a daily basis and I can most definitely say she has made a big impact and great change in my life. Ever since meeting Lynette and incorporating her tools into my daily routine I constantly get asked by friends why I look so great or what I’ve done to myself to change myself for the better. All I can say is that if you have yet to meet this incredible woman, do not walk but RUN to meet her. :-)

– KH

Lynnette brings her compassion for the world and a deep commitment to supporting growth of all to each and every encounter. She is insightful, aware, astute, curious and so funny and you will not leave your sessions the same person you started out as. If fact, you may just surprise yourself!

Her abilities to read situations and guide are truly exceptional and I have learned to trust and value that guidance. I have also learned to trust myself more and that is  a gift I can never repay.

Lynette will make you laugh out loud, at yourself, your situation and sometimes at her. She can also reduce you to tears, not because she is harsh, but because she invites you to touch your heart and in that tender place, you feel, you come to know, you grow.

Spending time with Lynette is a deep commitment to oneself. Lynette knows the courage it takes to make those steps and with an open heart, she will honour that commitment with her own.

– BG 

Working with Lynette has brought to my life, insight, growth, frustration and lots more growth! I lack a pause button and through our explorations and the strategies Lynnette has shared, I am more able to pause, reflect, reset. It’s not a perfect science as I am a far from a perfect client but I’m getting better! Lynnette has a full on, no holds barred approach. She brings courage, honesty, integrity, empathy and a wicked sense of humour to all things. Her knowing is clear, insightful and expansive and through it, my life takes on those qualities. Working with Lynette has been a true adventure. Expect truth, learning and love. :)

– DG

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